Code Violations

Ten Most Common Issues Resolved By Code Enforcement
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1.) Building, remodeling, repairs and demolition without permits.

2.) Vacant, abandoned and unsecured buildings.

3.) Garbage, junk piles, construction debris dismantled vehicles on private property.

4.) Accessory buildings such as sheds, garages or carports built too close to property lines.

5.) Buildings that have become unsafe for people to be in due to structural problems, electrical hazards or other life safety issue regarding building components.

6.) Keeping livestock such as horses, goats or chickens on land not intended for this use.

7.) Storing boats or recreational vehicles within public view on residential property.

8.) Private pools that are not properly secured from children gaining access to them.

9.) Residential property nuisances such as refrigerators, appliances, excavations, discarded furniture, shopping carts, weeds or cuttings left for any unreasonable amount of time.

10.) Substandard structures used for living purposes such as outbuildings, garages, or recreational vehicles.