Balfour Road Shoulder Widening

Project Information
Project No.:  0662-6R4002             
Project Description: The project consists of widening Balfour Road from an 18’ pavement width to an interim 36’ pavement width between Bixler Road and Sellers Avenue, which will require the need for paved shoulders, installation of storm drain ditches, and relocation of existing utilities. Left turn pocket will be added to east and west leg of Balfour Road at Byron.  A left turn pocket will be built at the west leg of Balfour Road at Bixler Road              
General Location: In the Brentwood area, along Balfour Road between Sellers Avenue and Bixler Road
Supervisory District: #3       
Thomas Brothers Map Reference:  617/A2-F2 
Contract Cost (Est.): $5,710,000              
Project Manager: Brian Yip                  
Bid Due Date: March 21, 2017                
Funding Source: Local Area of Benefit Fees (Discovery Bay West Traffic Mitigation funds)    
Working Days: 95              
Construction Date: Summer 2017

Outreach Program: The bidder shall make a “Good Faith Effort”, and document this effort, to obtain sub-bid participation by MBE’s, WBE’s, OBE’s, SBE’s and LBE’s in accordance with the project special provisions to be eligible for award.    Bidders are encouraged to attend the Pre bid meeting noted in the Notice to Contractors.  The Pre bid meeting will include an overview of the Outreach Program requirements and staff will be available to answer your questions.