Weather Links

The following links may be helpful in monitoring the weather.

Weather Outlook Information

NOAA Storm Prediction Center  (Updated October 3, 2011)

Forecast Information  

NWS The San Francisco Area Weather
NWS Martinez, CA Local 7-Day Forecast
NWS Martinez, CA Hourly Weather Forecast Graph
NWS Martinez, CA Graphical Forecast
NWS Forecast Weather Table Interface
NWS Bay Area Graphical QPF
NWS Graphical Forecasts - San Francisco/Monterey, CA
NWS Model Output Statistics *NEW*

San Francisco State University (SFSU) California Regional Weather Server
    SFSU - Composite Weather Maps
    SFSU - Barometric Pressure Maps
    SFSU - Sea Level Barometric Analysis
    SFSU - height of analysis at 300mb
    SFSU - height analysis at 500 mb
    SFSU - jet stream model

Forecast and Current Conditions

CNRFC Google™ Maps Interface
National Water Model  (Information about the National Water Model)
National Water Model Map (The future of flood forecasting!)
The NWM Map that shows predicted flows in most rivers and streams in the US. This is still being perfected.

Current Information

CDEC Stations Map (Central Co - zoom and pan to locate others)
Concord Buchanan Field Airport, California
USGS Marsh Creek Stream Gage, Brentwood
USGS San Ramon Stream Gage, San Ramon
USGS Water Watch Map  (Google™ Maps Version)
USGS Google™ Maps Real-Time Stream Flow

Satellite Imagery  

NWS South Pacific Loop
NWS San Francisco Bay Area Radar
NWS San Francisco Bay Area, Base Reflectivity Loop
NWS Satellite Imagery
    Infrared ,Western US, 16KM, Animated (best for viewing Pacific storms)
NWS Observed Precipitation Map-San Francisco Bay Area
NWS Google™ Maps Data Interfaces
NWS Contra Costa County Precipitation Map
NWS 24 Hour Precipitation Summary
    (Scroll Down To - San Francisco Bay Area-Peninsula and East Bay Counties)
NWS Weather and Hazards Data Viewer NEW LINK!
NWS 3-day History at Concord, Buchanan Field, CA
NWSChat Local Storms (Map with weather related damage points, etc. Click "Real Time" or change dates. turn on Radar. Use slider to watch storm pass over area.)

Tide Information

NWS California Tides: Map (give it time to load and pan over to California)

Drought Information

Drought Monitor

State Climate Data

State Climate and Meteorology Data

Groundwater Informatio

Department of Water Resources (IRWIS)

General Information

NASA Earth Observatory

Information from Private Industry

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CBS Channel 5 San Francisco Radar for Martinez
  Weatherunderground radar for Contra Costa County "WonderMap" Bay Area Interactive Weather Map
Weather Alert Services (new 7-29-13)
Home Preparation Tips for Weather Emergencies

BSA Troop 325 (Lake Jennings) Requested Links

A Guide to Weather Vanes
Cloud Formations and The Water Cycle

At Ryan's request

Cyclones, Typhoons, and Hurricanes, oh my! The Dangers of Sailing on Open Waters

NWS = National Weather Service (part of NOAA)
NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
USGS = United States Geological Survey