Habitat & Wildlife

Habitat Conservation Plan
The East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy is a joint exercise of powers authority formed by the Cities of Brentwood, Clayton, Oakley and Pittsburg and Contra Costa County to implement the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan / Natural Community Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP or Plan). The HCP/NCCP provides a framework to protect natural resources in eastern Contra Costa County, while improving and streamlining the environmental permitting process for impacts on endangered species. Regional Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) establish a coordinated process for permitting and mitigating the incidental take of endangered species. This process creates an alternative to the current project-by-project approach. Rather than individually surveying, negotiating, and securing mitigation and permit coverage, project proponents typically receive an endangered species permit by paying a fee/dedicating land and performing limited surveys and avoidance measures.

Watershed & Wildlife Resources
Contra Costa County Watershed Atlas (150-page, full-color book ) - includes maps, photographs, statistics and text. Designed as a tool for people with all levels of expertise in watershed management and planning, the Contra Costa Watershed Atlas is an important document for people concerned about watersheds in the county.

Wildlife in Your Backyard (12-page booklet) - outlines common strategies used to prevent unwanted encounters with wildlife in urban neighborhoods.

The Fish & Wildlife Committee advises the County Board of Supervisors on fish and wildlife issues that may affect the County and makes recommendations for the expenditure of funds from the Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund.

The Contra Costa Watershed Forum is an open committee of some fifty organizations, including state and local agencies, local non-profit environmental and education organizations, community volunteer groups, and private citizens that work together to make local water resources healthy, functional, attractive and safe community assets. The Watershed Forum coordinates a variety of programs including Volunteer Creek Monitoring and Creek Signage.

Links to various organizations that can provide information or assistance related to watersheds and wildilfe in Contra Costa County.