General Process

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department Civil Unit in most cases does not serve what is referred to as "General Process."  In other words, our office does not serve court documents or notices which can by law be served by any adult over 18 years of age and not a party to the action and/or a Registered Process Server (RPS). 

General process includes the following court documents:
  • Summons
  • Summons and Complaint
  • Summons and Petition
  • Notice
  • Notice of Motion
  • Unlawful Detainer Actions
  • Family Law Documents (We will Serve Restraining or Protection Orders)
  • Claim of Plaintiff and Claim of Defendant
  • Order to Show Cause (We will Serve Restraining or Protection Orders)
  • Order of Examination
  • Citation
  • Civil Subpoenas

There are some exceptions to this rule.  For example, our Office will serve all Restraining Orders for a fee.  In addition, our Office will serve any court process accompanied by a "Fee Waiver" ordered by the court waiving Sheriff's Fees.  Documents our Office does serve and the fees required are: