Marsh Creek Road Safety Improvements

Project Information
Project No.: 0662-6R4063
Federal No.: HRRRL-5928(096)

Project Description: Widen paved shoulders and travel lanes along a segment of Marsh Creek Road, located approximately 1 mile east of Russelmann Park Road and 3,200 feet west of Morgan Territory Road. Pavement widening may require cut/fill slopes, relocation of utility poles, relocation of drainage ditches and other facilities, and right of way acquisition.

General Location: Marsh Creek Road, 1 mile east of Russelmann Park Road, Clayton
Supervisory District: #4
Thomas Brothers Map Reference: 614/D-4
Contractor:  Breneman, Inc.
Resident Engineer: Eric Lilly
Phone: (925) 325-3868
Start of Construction Date: July 14, 2014  
Working Days: 40
Estimated Completion Date: September 9, 2014

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