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New Opportunities 

The Contra Costa County Administrator’s Office is pleased to announce, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, the availability of up to $66,570 for the provision of Field Operations Coordinator services based in Antioch, California as part of the “Network Reentry Team” to implement the “Plan for a Central and East County Network Reentry System of Services for Returning Citizens,” for the period August 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.
Request for Qualifications

Transitional Housing for Central & East Network
Contra Costa County is pleased to announce the availability of up to $220,000 for "Transitional Housing" to be provided to individuals who live in East and Central Contra Costa County and are under County supervision following California's Public Safety Realignment (AB 109), for the period July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Final proposals are due on Friday, May 15, 2015.

AB 109 Transitional Housing Request for Proposals

Addendum, issued May 11, 2015

Community Recidivism Reduction Grant
Through the Community Recidivism Reduction Grant, Contra Costa County issued a Request for Proposals on March 13, 2015 making available up to $250,000 ($50,000 per agency) for qualified agencies to provide community recidivism, crime reduction and other reentry-related services to adults and juveniles in the County for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. The solicitation is now closed.

Community Recidivism Reduction Grant Request for Proposals

Addendum, issued March 30, 2015

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy
All contracted parties must agree to implement the County's alcohol and other drug abuse prevention/treatment policy.

AB 109 Community Programs
Learn about the County's comprehensive process for implementing the funding allocated for Community Programs in the FY 2012-13 Budget for the County's AB 109 program.

In 2011, the California Legislature passed the Public Safety Realignment Act (AB 109), which transferred responsibility for supervising specific low-level inmates and parolees from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to counties. This Act tasked local government at the county level with developing a new approach to reducing recidivism among certain low-level felony criminal offenders.

AB 109 also tasked the local Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) with recommending to the County Board of Supervisors a plan for implementing public safety Realignment. The Board of Supervisors adopted the Contra Costa County Realignment Plan on October 4, 2011, as recommended by the Executive Committee of the CCP. On November 9, 2012, the CCP Executive Committee adopted a finalized Operational Plan and on December 4, 2012 adopted a FY 2012/13 Public Safety Realignment Budget for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. At its January 15, 2013 meeting, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved the FY 2012/13 AB 109 Public Safety Realignment Budget. The approved FY 2012/13 AB 109 Public Safety Realignment Budget included $4,035,000 for Community Programs as follows:

  • Employment Support and Placement Services, $2,000,000
  • Planning and Implementation of (3) One-Stop Centers, $1,320,000
  • Short and Long-Term Housing Access, $500,000
  • Peer and Mentoring Services, $200,000
  • Development of a Reentry Resource Guide, $15,000
Planning and Implementation of West County Reentry Resource Center and East/Central Reentry Network

West County Reentry Resource Center Plan
East and Central County Network Plan
RFQ West County Resource Center Plan Implementation #1403-059
RFQ East/Central County Network Management Team #1403-077
RFQ East/Central County Network Service Providers #1403-078

Solicitation Process for Community Programs Service Providers

Mandatory Bidders Conference(Flyer and RSVP forms)
Bidders Conference Presentation 03.27.13
Draft II RFPs Presentation to the CCP 03.01.13
Press Release AB 109 RFPs
Press Release AB 109 RFQ for Reentry Legal Services for Central County

Requests for Proposals and Qualifications (RFPs and RFQs)
AB 109 RFP Employment Support and Placement Services #1302-004
AB 109 RFP Short and Long-Term Housing Access #1302-003
AB 109 RFP Peer and Mentoring Services #1302-005
AB 109 RFP Planning 3 One-Stop Centers #1302-007
AB 109 RFQ Reentry Legal Services for Central County AB 109 Program #1307-027
AB 109 RFQ Data Collection and Program Evaluation#1307-026

Q&A, Addenda, Amendments
Written Questions Related to RFP#1302-004, Employment
Addendum #1
Amendment #1
Questions & Answers 04.10.13
Questions & Answers for RFQ #1307-026, Data Collection & Program Evaluation

Proposal Evaluation Information
Consensus Scoring Methodology for Proposal Evaluation Process
Impartiality Statement for Review Panel Members
Review Panels' Award Recommendations
Proposal Rating Sheets

Contra Costa County's Reentry Strategic Plan Information:
CCC Reentry Strategic Plan In Brief
Executive Summary of Contra Costa County's Reentry Strategic Plan
Contra Costa County Reentry Strategic Plan
Reentry Services Flowchart

CAIS Need Assessment Tool
Correctional Assessment and Intervention System (CAIS) determines risk through a semi-structured hour-and-a-half interview that identifies gender responsive risks, strengths and needs based on criminogenic needs including mental illness and substance abuse, antisocial behavior history, antisocial-procriminal attitudes and associations, personality patterns and familial factors. This tool is presently utilized by the AB 109 unit in the Probation Department.

Information to Foster Collaboration

Attendees of Bidders Conference