Ways to Beautify the Iron Horse Corridor

Trail at Bishop Ranch Business Park
Landscape Element Guidelines

It wasn't long after the County bought the Southern Pacific Railroad right of way and created the Iron Horse Trail that citizens began impromptu efforts to landscape the area. In response, the county worked with its Iron Horse Corridor Advisory Committee to develop a set of guidelines and concepts for landscaping alongside the trail. The result was the Landscape Element guidelines.

Plant Palette
The Landscape Element includes a palette of plants that are acceptable for landscaping in the Iron Horse Corridor. The palette includes climate-adapted, mostly native plants including types of trees, shrubs, flowers, and bunchgrasses that are relatively easy to maintain, and that complement the character of adjoining areas. The plant palette ensures that any landscaping project will be compatible with the various other uses the Corridor must accommodate.

Additional Information
For more information about the Landscape Element, please call Carrie Ricci at (925) 313-2235.