Ways to Help Landscape

How You Can Help
There are now several ways for individuals and community groups to help landscape the Iron Horse Corridor.

Create a Project on the Corridor
Every section of the Corridor has unique opportunities for landscaping projects. Either an individual or a community group can propose a project for a special spot.

Contribute or Donate
For information, please visit Contribute or Donate.

Form a Partnership
If a public agency or private entity already has landscaping along the Corridor, it may be possible to make an agreement for them to maintain additional plantings if you or your group provide and install the plants.

Lobby the Government
If development or a new use is proposed along or adjacent to the Iron Horse Corridor, there may be an opportunity for local government to ask the developer or applicant for landscaping or other amenities.

Plant Across Your Back Fence
If you live along the Iron Horse Corridor, you can adopt the section of the Corridor next to your property.