Mapping, Public Information & Use Conditions

Survey maps have been prepared that show the entire Iron Horse Corridor and all of the existing and committed uses and easements that have been granted, such as utility easements, for example. The maps are maintained and updated when needed by the Contra Costa County Public Works Department.

Public Information
This part of the program is designed to inform the public about the Iron Horse Corridor Management Program and the possibilities for landscaping projects. The Public Information Element consists of:

  • Disclosure forms provided to adjoining property owners
  • Occasional flyers, mailings, and public events
  • Public meetings of the Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee
  • Signs to be posted along the Iron Horse Corridor
  • This website

Use Conditions
An inventory has been developed that lists the existing license agreements, contracts and conditions for existing and committed uses, such as the license with the East Bay Regional Park District to operate the Iron Horse Trail. The Contra Costa County Public Works Department developed the inventory and updates it when needed.