Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

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Advertised Projects

Project Name                                                                          
Cost Estimate
Bid Due date
2016 Bay Point Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal
(5-Bay Point)
$1,869,300 March 8, 2016
2016 Slurry Seal
March 8, 2016
Bay Point Curb Ramp Project
(5-Bay Point)
March 8, 2016
2016 On-Call Contract(s) for Various Road and Flood Control
Maintenance Work (varies)
Bid Results

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
Balfour Road ECCID Irrigation Relocation
$550,000 2016
Alhambra Valley Rd at Rancho La Bocha to Ferndale Rd
$570,000 2016
Balfour Road Widening
$6,000,000 2016
Camino Tassajara 1.1mi south of Highland Road
(3-San Ramon)
$596,000 2016
Canal Road Sidewalk and Bike Lane
(5-Bay Point)
$1,100,000 2016
Main St, Byron Sidewalk Improvements
$280,000 2016
Port Chicago Hwy & Willow Pass Rd Bike and Pedestrian Improvements
(5-Bay Point)
$900,000 2016
San Pablo and Wildcat Creek Levee Remediation
$850,000 2016
Tara Hills Pedestrian Infrastructure
(1-Tara Hills)
TBD 2016
Vasco Road Safety Improvements-Phase II
$15,000,000 2016