Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

Design Division Project List

This page shows work currently in Design scheduled for construction in the next 12 to 24 months

Last Update: 1/21/15

Prospective bidders are encouraged to check this site frequently for modifications to bid dates.    

Advertised Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate       Bid Due date          
Byron Airport Pavement Enhancements

Bid Results

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
2015 Bay Point Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal
(5-Bay Point)
$1,900,000 Spring 2015
2015 Slurry Seal Project
(1 & 4 - El Sobrante & Pleasant Hill)
$448,000 Spring 2015
2015 Pavement Surface Treatment Project
$600,000 Spring 2015
Balfour Road ECCID Irrigation Relocation
$550,000 2015
Pacheco Blvd Sidewalk Gap Closure-Phase II
$544,000 2015
Alhambra Valley Road Safety Improvements
East of Ber Creek Road
(1&5-Briones Area)
$1,650,000 2015
Balfour Road Widening
$6,000,000 2015
Camino Tassajara 1.1mi south of Highland Rd to 0.3mi North of
Windemere Pkway

(3-San Ramon)
$600,000 2015
Countywide Overlay Project
(3-Brentwood, 4-Pleasant Hill)
$2,500,000 2015
Marsh Creek Road Safety Improvements west of Deer Valley Rd
$680,000 2015
May Road Sidewalk Extension
(1-El Sobrante)
$133,000 2015
Miranda Ave Sidewalk Improvements
$300,000 2015
Orwood Road Bridge Replacement
(3-Indian Slough)
$7,000,000 2015
San Pablo and Wildcat Creek Levee Remediation
$850,000 2015
Vasco Road Safety Improvements-Phase II
$15,000,000 TBD