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The Sheriff’s All Volunteer Extended Services Volunteer (SAVES) Program is a volunteer service program that is designed to use volunteers to supplement and provide additional levels of service to the departments and field units of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.  SAVES Volunteers fulfill functions that may not otherwise be available, due to lack of skills, time or resources within the individual departments or field units. 

SAVES Volunteers are recruited from all cultural and socioeconomic segments of the community and include men, women, minorities, and disabled persons.  All volunteers that participate in the program must be at least 18 years of age and many are people who have retired from their full-time job, but still want to be active within their communities. 

Volunteers assist the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office by providing services to all divisions.  The types of services provided cover a wide range of activities and services. Services that can be provided by volunteers include (but are not limited to): computer use, word processing, filing, general clerical work, transporting evidence, fingerprinting, accounting/bookkeeping functions, data entry, rape kit assembling, general projects, medical transcription, document research, handing the servicing of departmental automobiles, inventory stocking and management, logging and tracking of data/files or other documentation for cases, etc.  All of these functions are designed to get full-time officers in the field. 

In 2003 SAVES Volunteers have given a total of 14,831 hours of their time helping the Sheriff's Office.


To apply for membership with the Sheriff's SAVES Program, you must:

  • Complete a SAVES Program Application.
  • Possess a valid and current California driver's license.
  • Complete a thorough background check, to include a fingerprint check.
  • Complete an oral examination board.

The Volunteer Services Unit is continually accepting applications for the Sheriff's SAVES Program. 

(click to download application)

 Fill out the application and either mail or delivery the application to:

          Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office
          Volunteer Services Unit
          50 Glacier Drive
          Martinez, CA. 94553

For any questions contact: Volunteer Services Coordinator
                                              (925) 646-4461