Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Division is responsible for the coordination of infrastructure activities in the development process.The Division includes the following:

Current Planning
The Current Planning staff reviews development applications to determine the impact on the County’s road and drainage systems. Applications for major subdivisions, minor subdivisions, land use permits, and development permits are reviewed and conditions of approval are prepared to mitigate development impacts to the road and drainage systems.

The staff from this section also represent the department on development applications before the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors.

Development Processing
The Development Processing Section staff assures that the development of public improvements (and private improvements, in some cases) is accomplished in accordance with applicable State laws and County ordinances.

The staff reviews improvement plans for minor and major subdivisions, land use permits and development plans, process agreements, bonds, deeds, and offers of dedication associated with these projects, as well as the segregation of assessments and road acceptance projects. The staff in this section also reviews and issues overload and encroachment permits, flood control and drainage permits, and provides assistance in the creation of assessment districts.

As part of the Floodplain Management Program, staff does the following:

Provides Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain information on existing structures and proposed projects,

Assures that development within the floodplain, specifically the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), is accomplished to meet Federal requirements and County ordinance, and

Coordinates with Building Inspection and Community Development Divisions of the Department of Conservation and Development to ensure safe development within the floodplain.

County Surveyor
The County Surveyor Section includes Surveys, Right of Way Engineering, and Map Checking. The Survey Section provides field and office support including topographic and property surveys, data reduction, surface generation, and construction staking on projects. The Right of Way Engineering Section prepares right of way maps and legal descriptions for property acquisitions. The Map Checking Section reviews Final Maps, Parcel Maps, Records of Survey and Corner Records for compliance with appropriate laws pertaining to each map.

Special Districts
The Special Districts Staff establishes new fee areas, formulates and monitors budgets for all the special districts and service areas, and coordinates and administers improvements and infrastructure installation and improvements specific to each district.

The staff is responsible for the Countywide Lighting Program (L-100), Countywide Landscape Program, Sanitation and Water Districts, Assessment Districts, and five Park and Recreation Districts.