Youth Summit 2015 Information

 2013 Youth Summit Agenda (Previous Years)
Federal D. Glover's 2015 (YS)

2013 Youth Summit Agenda  (Previous Years)

Each year Contra Costa County District V Supervisor Federal D. Glover sponsors a summit for the youth of  Contra Costa County. The 2015 Youth Summit will be held on Saturday, May 9th.  

It will unite sixth through twelfth grade youth with local dignitaries, mentors and community leaders for an incredible day complete with exploration, education, and entertainment. The event will be a community effort to build healthy attributes such as self esteem, honesty, and integrity. Our goal is to assist our students in constructing the foundation they need to be successful by equipping them with experiences that will enhance their personal and social standards. The interactive workshops provided at the Summit will offer life skills, assist with career development and provide a venue for appropriate activities that reduce the risk of undesirable behavior.

For participation about this year's summit, (Workshop Presenters and Volunteers) PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
After all RFP's have been received and reviewed you will be notified as to  the status of your proposal. 

These summits are a collaborative community effort and there are a multitude of opportunities available for you/your agency to be involved. 

The 2015 Summit will begin with a keynote session, followed by a special performance by Kaiser Permanante's Educational Theatre Programs. The remainder of the  day is segmented into two tracks and lunch. The event incorporates a vast spectrum of topics  and activities as our young constituency is extremely diverse. There is no cost to the youth to attend or participate in any activities, including eating lunch and receiving a t-shirts. 

Workshops in the first track primarily address academic/educational subject matter, career opportunities, employment related information and topics pertaining to matters that cause the students to project and give some consideration to their future.

The morning track introduces a number of workshops that evoke self awareness, analysis and acceptance in addition to hobbies or activities that are a positive utilization of time. Some previous summits have included workshops that addressed time/money management, manifestation of a positive attitude, discussions regarding internet usage, substance abuse, depression, dating, violence, gangs, healthy choices and healthy boundaries. We have also offered workshops with instruction on CPR, photography, videography, radio personalities, personal hygiene and more.  

The afternoon track includes workshops with a physical component- dancing, basketball, track, martial arts zumba and various types of athletically based activities. Lunch time is teaming with entertainment, opportunities to receive an air brush tattoo or manicure, community information and free food.  

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Please note that this is an old commercial of the Youth Summit and that the 2015 date is
Saturday, May 9th, 2015.

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If you would like to present a workshop, volunteer your time, donate a raffle item, assist with advertisement and promotional matters, provide an activity during the lunch hour or if your agency would like an information table during lunchtime.

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It does in fact take a village to provide opportunities for our youth. Your consideration and time is deeply appreciated. Together we can make a difference.