Exterior Inspections

The Exterior Inspection is a visual inspection of the rental property, performed by an Inspector of the Building Inspection staff.  During the Exterior Inspection, the inspector will not disturb the occupants nor ask to enter any building on the premises.  The majority of exterior inspections will be performed from the street or sidewalk, but may include entering the driveway or common areas of apartments/multi-family dwellings.

In the pursuit of efficiency, the inspector will incorporate the inspection into the course of their normal work day.  An Exterior Inspection cannot be scheduled with the inspector and may take place anytime during the calendar year.  When the inspector finds themselves in the area of a rental property, a simple evaluation will be made, inspecting for obvious signs of blight and building safety at the exterior of the property.  The following are examples of items that would constitute a failure of the exterior inspection:

  • Broken window(s)/door(s)
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Hazardous electrical situation
  • Broken/hazardous gas line
  • Broken sections of roof/holes in roof/missing roof covering(missing tiles/shingles)/signs of roof leak(tarp over roof)
  • Missing flue vent cap(s)
  • Major structural damage/broken foundation/unleveled structure
  • Excessive overgrowth/weeds 
  • Accumulation of trash/junk/garbage/debris

If no problems are identified at the time of inspection and Program fees are paid, a Notice of Acceptance will be sent and conclude the inspection process for that calendar year. In the event the inspection reveals substantial blight and/or building safety issues, it will fail and be referred for a Mandatory Interior Inspection. Click here for more information on the Interior Inspection process.