Benefits for Senior Citizens

Housing occupied by the senior citizens is generally in greater need of repair because:
  • The house is generally older
  • The elderly generally have reduced incomes and, as a result, tend to defer maintenance

Benefits to Seniors
  • To make your home a healthier, more secure, and pleasant place to live
  • To enhance the livability of your house because you may spend more time at home
  • To remove physical barriers which make it difficult to go in and out of your house
  • To maintain and improve the value of your home
  • To allow you to continue living in the familiar surroundings of your neighborhood and friends

You may be concerned that you can't afford to rehabilitate your home because your monthly income is limited. Our loan assistance program allows you to use the equity, which you have accumulated over the years, to make needed repairs.

Many senior citizens qualify for deferred loans and may not need to make monthly payments. Please call us at (925) 674-7207 to provide you with advice in this area.