East Bay Works  www.eastbayworks.com
Call Concord Site:   (925) 671-4500
  • File for unemployment insurance;
  • Visit job assessment unit;
  • Job employment assistance;
  • Sign up for workshops
    • resume writing,
    • interviewing techniques,
    • and consultation,
    • and how to market yourself
 No fee  
Employment Development Department (EDD)  www.edd.ca.gov
Call  (925) 602-0869

Cal Jobs

Enter your resume to be viewed by employers; or  
Browse databank for current opportunities  
Experience Unlimited (EU)  http://euccc.org/
     Call  (925) 602-0166
A network of professional services available to EDD clients.  Provides the following services:
  • internet access;
  • photocopy and fax services;
  • telephone;
  • networking opportunities;
  • job listings, etc.
State Disability Insurance (SDI) www.edd.ca.gov/fileclaim.htm
 Call (800) 480-3287 
Register for disability insurance for those too ill or injured to work.     
No fees for the above services  

Please be advised that nothing found here has been reviewed with the expertise required to provide you with complete information.  The information in this Resource Guide is merely to aid you in your search for local agencies. Review the materials carefully to determine if the agencies listed provide the assistance you are seeking. Contra Costa County cannot be held responsible for the information obtained from these agencies and recommends that you perform due diligence prior to releasing personal information regarding your circumstances