Arts & Culture Commission


2015 Arts Recognition Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Arts Recognition Awards. We would like to recognize Mr. Rhu A. Bigay, an Aviation Artist; Ms. Pamela Freund-Stiplen, Artistic Director for the Gold Coast Chamber Players; Mr. Peter Maund, Percussionist and Music Educator; and Dr. Darwin Marable, AC5 Commissioner. Each has advanced the appreciation of the Arts and Culture in  Contra Costa County.

Rhu A. Bigay, is recognized worldwide for his historical and highly detailed compositions of the action and beauty of flight and his oil paintings that exhibit high caliber talent for both the aircraft and of the historical context. He has been successful in rendering a mechanical object as it travels through the densities of air and dramatically depicts the actions of flight and promotes visual understanding of our past history as a nation which involves the sacrifices of ordinary Americans – our veterans.

Pamela Freund-Stiplen co-founded the Gold Coast Players in 1987 and expanded their venues throughout Contra Costa County over the next twenty-eight years and has been dedicated to education, bringing concerts to nearly every public school in Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda with their outreach. Her inspired and dedicated leadership has given Contra Costa County residents the unique opportunity to hear world-class musicians performing works by the world’s greatest composers and to visual arts in a way that enhances the public understanding and appreciation of both.

Peter Maund an accomplished Percussionist and as a founding member of Ensemble Alcatraz and Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance has performed with early and contemporary music ensembles. He has been a “most considerate and imaginative of percussionists,” and music educator based in Contra Costa County for over forty years, and voluntarily leads drum circles at the Cancer Support Center in Walnut Creek. Mr. Maund has contributed to music and music education by performing and teaching throughout Contra Costa County, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Marable has served in many community activities including Chair of the PTA Cultural Committee at Burton Valley Elementary School in Lafayette; Board Member and President of the Lafayette Improvement Association; founding Board Member of the Lafayette Arts & Science Foundation; founding Board Member of the Contra Costa Alliance for the Arts; and many more committees and councils that serve the art community. We would like to thank him now for his many years of dedication and service to the County of Contra Costa and the Arts & Culture Commission.

Greetings to all!

The Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County is proud to be your local sponsor of Poetry Out Loud. Let the memorizing begin! See the POL 2015-16 page for important dates or to signup as a new school participating. Note: The Sate Competition has been moved up to February 28 and 29, 2016
Veterans Wanted to Paint Self-portraits
AC5 is excited to be working with Veterans in Contra Costa County to bring the California Arts Council’s Veterans Initiative in the Arts program to them in the form of ABOUT FACE: Building Veteran’s Self-understanding through Self-portraits.

Our new program will offer Veterans an opportunity to explore portrait painting at no cost to Contra Costa  Veterans. Look for new dates in January and February 2016.
  Get the details and sign up at ABOUT FACE.