R-10, Lefty Gomez Ball Field Complex and Lighting and Landscaping Zone 38 Information

Overview of the Rodeo R-10

The Rodeo Citizen's Advisory Committee for Contra Costa County Park and Recreation Service Area R-10, aims to build a stronger community through neighborhood activities and events. Throughout the year the R-10 organizes family friendly events for the residents of the city of Rodeo. We welcome the attendance of all of Rodeo's residents at the events and the participation and suggestions of the community is welcome at all R-10 meetings which are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 at Lefty Gomez field clubhouse.

Meetings Occur the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm - Lefty Gomez Field Clubhouse, Rodeo, CA.

Council members of the R-10 Advisory Committee

Chairman - Michael Jones - For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address.
Josephine Orozco
Dalu Lingeman

(2) Open Positions available for Alternate Members



2012 Agenda and Record of Action

Annual Reports
2012 R-10 Annual Report
In September 2009, Strategy Research Institute (SRI) conducted a phone survey of 200 Rodeo residents. The survey was developed by SRI with input from the Public Works Department and the Redevelopment Agency to determine the level of support for funding the maintenance of Parker Avenue improvements which include landscaping, garbage collection, benches, and graffiti removal ($50,000 annually); a dedicated Sheriff’s Deputy for Rodeo ($200,000 annually); and additional community events administered through Lefty Gomez Community Center ($25,000 annually). District 2 Supervisor Gayle B. Uilkema hosted a Town Hall Meeting on February 18, 2010 to share the results of the community survey. Click on the links below to access the survey result sand handout that underrepresented the Town Hall Meeting.

Lighting and landscape Zone 38 (ll-2 Zone 38) Information
Lighting and landscape Zone 38 (ll-2 Zone 38) was formed in July 1991 tofund the maintenance of specific landscaping and recreational facilities within the Rodeo area as listed below, Funding for LL-2 Zone 38 comes from property assessments charged to the homeowners of Rodeo. LL-2 Zone 38 has a total of2,559 parcels, divided into two "subzones" which provide approximately $84,527each year. Subzone "A," located north of 1-80, charges each dwelling unit$32.04/year for a total of $54,055, Subzone "B," south of 1-80, has an assessment of $27.24 for a total of $30,472/year.

Map and additional Information about Lighting and Landscape Zone 38