Advisory Council on Aging

In accordance with the Older Americans Act the Advisory Council on Aging is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to advise them on all matters associated with the planning, development and administration of programs relating to older adults, The Advisory Council consists of forty (40) members. Membership is by application and appointment. Fifty percent (50%) of the Council must be age 60 and above. The Council strives to represent the geographic, economic, disabled, cultural and ethnic diversity of the County. Seats on the Council fall under designations as follows: city/local committees, members-at-large and one designated service organizations. The Advisory Council and its committees and work groups meet monthly.

Public hearings are held a minimum of once a year. The Council does much of its work through its committees and work groups. These include Health, Housing, Legislative Advocacy, Membership, Planning, Senior Mental Health and Transportation. For more information on the Advisory Council on Aging, call Jaime Ray at (925) 602-4172.

Committees & Workgroups
All memberships are by final appointment of the Board of Supervisors. Membership categories and procedures for application are as follows:
  • Committees on Aging/Cities (19 seats): By city or local committee appointment. Contact your local city clerk or local committee.
  • Members-at-Large (20 seats): By application to the Advisory Council and interview.
  • Nutrition Council Representation (1 seat)

For further information, contact Beverly Wallace, Chair of Membership Committee, at 510-223-4528 or .

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