Support Staff

Client Liaison Worker (CLW)
The Department's staff includes a Client Liaison Worker (CLW) who assists staff attorneys with their cases. The CLW is responsible for working with attorneys to find alternatives to incarceration. 

The CLW contacts various rehabilitation programs, primarily drug and alcohol, arranges for interviews with the client, and often transports the client to the program. 

Clerical workers employed in all the Department's offices provide many types of support for the Department's legal work. Legal clerks process case files, send letters to clients, type legal briefs and answer questions in person or on the telephone. 

How To Apply
Support Staff positions are filled through the county's Human Resources Department. Permanent positions are filled through a competitive civil service examination process conducted continuously by the Human Resources Department. 

Persons interested in applying for such a position should contact the Contra Costa County Human Resources Department and monitor its list of examinations and the procedures for filing an application.