Pacifica Avenue Sidewalk

Project Information
Project No.: 0662-6R4026
Federal No.: SRTSL 5928 (112)

Project Description:
 Project consists of constructing approximately 1,050 linear feet of curb, gutter, and 5 foot wide sidewalk along the north side of Pacifica Avenue between Mariners Cove Drive and Inlet Drive.  Curb ramps compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards will be installed, pavement repair in spot locations may be necessary, as well as cut/fill slopes, re-grading of ditches, storm drainage improvements, signing and striping.  In addition to construction, the project includes a non-infrastructure component, which will include activities of education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation with the three neighboring schools.                                                                
General Location: Along north side of Pacifica Avenue, between Mariners Cove Drive and Inlet Drive, Bay Point
Supervisory District: #5         
Thomas Brothers Map Reference: 573/D1     
Contractor: Hess Concrete Construction Co., Inc.        
Resident Engineer: Rene Urbina
Phone: (925) 567-6663
Construction Start Date: September 2, 2014  
Working Days: 30       
Estimated Completion Date: October 15, 2014

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