CCWORKS - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jobseeker is placed through CCWORKS?

Individuals who have the basic skills, but lack sufficient work experience to meet employer requirements, may be placed in a job placement with your agency.  Through a CCWORKS contract, the employer agrees to provide the participant with on-the-job work experience and training in exchange for a wage subsidy. CCWORKS positions are expected to result in permanent employment. The employer must pay the participant a wage comparable to regular employees in similarly classified positions. 

My business is located outside of Contra Costa County, but I am willing to hire CCWORKS job seekers. Can I participate?

Please contact us. We may be able to approve your participation; depending on the area your business is located.

Do I have the opportunity to interview and select the employee?

Yes. We send pre-screened candidates, and your agency will select and hire the candidate of your choice.

To participate in CCWORKS, what will my business need?

  1. Send CCWORKS an Employment Request Form
  2. Sign a worksite agreement with CCWORKS
  3. Hire CCWORKS employee using your regular hiring process
  4. Business license and Workers Compensation are a requirement
Who handles the CCWORKS employees payroll?

Subsidized employees are hired by the employer; employer handles payroll and federal and state deductions.

How many hours are the CCWORKS employees expected to work?

Positions can range from 20 to 40 hours per week.

Can CCWORKS employees be paid on commission?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse commission based wages. While we are only able to reimburse on base wages, if you pay a base wage plus commission you can still participate in the program.