Senior Outreach Services

If you are someone who would like to volunteer to visit seniors the Friendly Visitor Program with Senior Outreach Services is for you. 

What is the Friendly Visitor Program?
The Friendly Visitors Program is an important community service that creates lasting and enriching companionship between seniors and volunteers.

Often times seniors feel isolated or lonely and this program can help provide a more safe and comfortable feeling simply by sharing stories, having tea, taking walks and playing cards or games.  Other activities might include reading, helping a senior write a letter or assist with other tasks that may have become too difficult for the senior to do.

Who are Friendly Visitors?
Friendly visitors are Senior Outreach Service volunteers from the community who are dependable and caring people with a positive outlook.  Friendly visitors are matched with seniors who share similar interests.  Your minimum commitment of one hour per week for a six month period would surely put a smile on your face and warmth in the hearts of both you and your senior companion.

If you would like to make a difference and volunteer for this rewarding program please contact Cynthia Black at 925-937-8311 extension 119 or .