Buchanan Field Airport (CCR)

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Buchanan Field boasts a recently renovated runway, premier aviation services and facilities, emergency response services, access to major Bay Area transportation and business centers, and amenities to connect the public to aviation.

Facilities for Airport Tenants

Aircraft Storage/Parking: 
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waiting list for hangar vacancies. Tie-down parking and transient aircraft parking are available at current rates.

Owner Maintenance Hangar: Two spacious bays for simple exchange of parts and changing oil. Review the Owner Maintenance Hangar Rules and make reservations with Airports staff at (925) 681-4200. For larger repairs, please contact Buchanan Field's FBOs.

​Wash Rack and Oil Con-vaults: A wash rack is located adjacent to hangars and tie-downs, near the Owner Maintenance Hangar. Free oil disposal in oil con-vaults (located on East and West Ramps) is available.

Pilot Lounge: Map your flight plan, use the conference table and stay current on airport events. Free WIFI is also available.

Airport Clubhouse: Join a flight club and attend aviation meetings.  The clubhouse includes restrooms and a kitchen.
Businesses Located at Buchanan Field
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Information for Pilots
Airport Data and Information: AirNav link.

Air Traffic Control

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at CCR has jurisdiction over aircraft operations within a three mile control radius, and operates daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Preferred Runways (Diagram Below)
Arrivals:  Runways 19L and 19R
Departures: Runways 32L and 32R
Touch-and-Go: Runway 32L and 19L are the preferred Touch-and-Go runways. Touch-and-Goes are not permitted from 10 PM to 7 AM.

Buchanan Field Layout (Click to Enlarge)

Buchanan Field Airport Layout
​Annual Operations
CCR had over 100,000 annual aircraft operations in 2014, serving a variety of different purposes including recreation, emergency response and law enforcement services, and charter jet flights.  

Noise Management
Pilots are asked to utilize CCR's Noise Management Program, which includes aircraft specific noise abatement procedures, preferred runways for arrival and departure and aircraft restrictions. Select the following link for more information on Noise Management.
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