Noise Abatement

Buchanan Field and Bryon Airports strive to be good neighbors to those that live and work near the Airports. Safety is the top priority for those in the air and on the ground. Pilots are asked to be respectful of neighbors by flying quietly and to use their aircraft specific noise abatement procedures to reduce noise impacts. Pilots are also asked to avoid flying over residential areas as much as possible but depending on the runways in use, this may not always be possible during take-offs and landings.

Did you know . . . . . .

• Buchanan Field is one of only a few airports in the Bay Area with a noise ordinance which restricts specific aircraft operations, allows only the most quiet jet aircraft and prohibits training operations during night hours (10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.).

• Although Airport staff can make pilots aware of the impact overflights have on the residential community, the County does not have authority to address or act upon aircraft in flight. Only the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can direct an aircraft to change its altitude or to change its location. Once aircraft have left the ground they are in FAA jurisdiction.

• The FAA ATCT personnel determine which runways are to be in use. Aircraft land and depart into the wind and for the safety of both the community and the pilots this information is used in determining the runway use.

• Wind and weather conditions around the Bay Area also can affect flight paths of aircraft arriving and departing other local airports, such as Oakland and San Francisco Airports. These flight path changes can also have an adverse effect to our local community with more aircraft overflying the area en route to these airports.

• Byron Airport does not have an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and Buchanan Field Airport’s ATCT only has a three-mile control area. Usually, only aircraft intending to land or depart from Buchanan Field are required to make radio contact with the ATCT outside the three-mile radius.

• Not all aircraft noise issues are related to aircraft operations associated with Buchanan Field and Byron Airports. There are also several other airports in the area (such as Oakland, San Francisco, Livermore, Hayward, Nut Tree, and Rio Vista) which also utilize the airspace over and around the County Airports.

• Pilots from the local aerobatic schools (like Stockton, Livermore and Hayward Airports) practice aerobatics in the area of Roddy Ranch Golf Course (near Antioch and Brentwood). Byron Airport does not have an aerobatic school. Safety issues regarding aerobatic operations near residential areas should be reported directly to the FAA’s Oakland Flight Standards District Office.