Iron Horse Corridor Management Program

Child with bicycle
The Iron Horse Corridor in Contra Costa County stretches 18.5 miles from the Alameda County line northward to Mayette Avenue in Concord. Formerly a Southern Pacific Railroad route, the Iron Horse Corridor now features a paved multi-use trail for walking, jogging, and bicycling along with adjacent unpaved or soft trails in some areas.

The corridor also houses a number of underground utility lines such as water lines, gas pipelines, and fiberoptic systems along with flood control channels, power lines, and portions of a few local streets. Rail service may one day be restored in the corridor to accompany the pedestrians and bicyclists, although there aren't any current plans or funds to do so.

The key feature of the corridor is the paved trail known as the Iron Horse Regional Trail, managed by the East Bay Regional Park District.

Contra Costa County appreciates the assistance of the Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee and the East Bay Regional Park District in the development of this section and its content.