Childcare Services

We provide comprehensive childcare services for approximately 2,700 families during each school year. We do this by combining federal, state and local childcare funding into one program. For children aged zero to five, we have full-day, part-day, full-year and part-year programs. Nearly all eligible families will receive childcare at no cost.

We maintain strict staffing ratios at our centers. Our dedicated staff was chosen based on their ability to provide nurturing care to young children, collegiate work in Early Childhood Education, background and experience and possession of California Teacher or Associate Teacher Permit.

To ensure quality services, programs are monitored and staff is offered ongoing education classes. In most cases, our staff is able to communicate with children and parents in their first language.

The hands-on curriculum is project based with the aim of promoting self-care, social skills, pre-literacy, pre-math, pre-science and self-esteem.

Who Can Enroll?

Eligibility for childcare is based on a number of factors that form a complex web of state and federal guidelines. To determine if you qualify for enrollment, call one of the enrollment hotlines below.

To enroll in one of our childcare programs, leave your name and phone number at the eligibility hotline nearest to your home. For Spanish and English speakers in West County, please call (510) 374-7144. For those in East or Central County, please call (925) 427-8852. We will attempt to call you back within one business day.

Another method is to print out and complete a pre-screening form (English/ Spanish) and send it to one of our centers as indicated on the top of the form.

How Long Does the Wait List Take?

Childcare is provided to the neediest families first. Depending on your family’s need, the wait could be as little as a day or more than a year. When you complete your paperwork, your eligibility score will be computed. At that time, we can give you a more accurate timeline.

What Other Services Are Provided?

In addition to providing quality childcare, we also provide numerous other services. Please see the comprehensive services section for more information:

Child Nutrition, Disabilities Services, Health Services, School Readiness, Mental Health Services, or Parent Involvement.

What about Home-Based Childcare?

For some people, Home Based Childcare is an option. If so, Home Educators will come to your home once a week to work with you and your child. Click here for more information on the Home-Based Program.

What if my Child has Special Needs?

Children are screened upon enrollment to determine if additional services might be needed. If so, referrals are made to provide special services. The parents are partners in the plans for educational services for their children. Parents are kept informed through parent conferences that review progress while providing daily interactions with the teaching staff. Click here for more information on disabilities services.