Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund


  • 1992: Supervisors create Keller Canyon mitigation fund financed by two fees: one to mitigate the dump's effect on roads and the other to mitigate its effect on open space, recreation facilities and agricultural land.
  • 1992: The board says the money can accumulate for major mitigation programs. It also requires public input for grants and names Pittsburg-area groups, such as the West Pittsburg advisory council and the Ambrose Parks and Recreation District, to suggest ways to use the money. The supervisors' finance committee shifts grant recommendations to an advisory committee.
  • 1994: Supervisors amend the Keller Canyon permit to add a third fee use: "to mitigate any general impacts of the landfill on the surrounding community."
  • 1998: Supervisors eliminate the three grant categories and their advisory committees -- open space, transportation, community assistance -- and shift the grant application review to a District V supervisor agency. The board redefines the priority for funding as "those agencies or individuals, which can demonstrate a direct nexus of the benefits of their proposal to the host communities (Pittsburg, Bay Point and, marginally, Concord). It also broadens the distribution of the grants to other District V communities and specifies grants may not be used to supplement county or other funding.
  • 1998: Supervisors create an interim grant advisory committee of two District V supervisor staff members and a county administrator.
  • 2001-02: Supervisors shift the grant recommendation task to the "District V supervisor and his staff."
  • 2004-05: The finance committee review is eliminated; District V supervisor makes grant recommendations directly to the board.
  • 2005: Board orders Keller Canyon mitigation fees to be allocated annually for East Contra Costa projects, funding youth services, code enforcement, community beautification, public safety and community services. It specifies District V recommendations must have board approval.
  • 2011: The Board of Supervisors approves the Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund policies.
  • 2012: Over 78 grants totaling $1,206,175 were awarded from the Keller Canyon Landfill Mitigation Fund. 

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