Neighborhood Preservation Program

The Neighborhood Preservation program's purpose is to provide loans to low and moderate-income persons to improve their homes by correcting health and safety problems and improving livability.

Housing Occupied by senior citizens is generally in greater need of repair because the house is generally older and the elderly generally have reduced incomes and, as a result, tend to defer maintenance. 

Housing rehabilitation loans are available throughout the entire county of Contra Costa except for the incorporated limits of the cities of Pittsburg and Richmond. 

Program Documents and Application

Loan Terms

There are two types of loans available:
  • Low-interest loans (3%) for up to $50,000
  • zero-interest deferred payment loans up to $50,000
It is the intent of the program that each household applicant be evaluated for eligibility under the interest loan element first and the zero interest loan element second to ensure that the use of funds is maximized.
  1. Eligibility
  2. Type of Work Completed
  3. Program Benefits
  4. Benefit for Seniors
Neighborhood Preservation Requirements
  • You are owner-occupant of a single-family home or duplex;
  • You have lived in the home for at least six months;
  • You much have a gross income which does not exceed the program limits below;
 Household Size  Income Not to Exceed
 1  $47,350
 2  $54,100
 3  $60,850
 4  $67,600
 5  $73,050
 6  $78,450
 7  $83,850
 8  $89,250

  • Your house must have some housing code problems that need repair;
  • Your assets (excluding your principal residence) must not exceed $15,000. The asset limit is $30,000 if you are over 62 or disabled. Assets include bank accounts, stocks, or real estate interests; and
  • The indebtedness on your home does not exceed 90% of its appraised value. Indebtedness is what you still own on your home and includes rehabilitation loans and other loans secured by the property