Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)

The purpose of the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) is to eliminate conditions that may be detrimental to health, life, property, and/or public welfare. NPP provides financial assistance to low income homeowner for the eliminating blight, bringing buildings up to code, improving energy efficiency, promoting accessibility, and enhancing older neighborhoods in an effort to encourage future investment and the growth of economically integrated communities.

January 2016 Note  
Thank you for your interest in the NPP program. Due to an overwhelming interest in the NPP program, we are currently inundated with applications we are reviewing and processing. It may be up to 6 months, or more, before construction at your home may be able to commence.
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Program Documents and Application

Loan Terms

Eligible applicants, may receive one of the following loans, based on their income-level, among other factors
  • 1% simple interest, amortized loan, up to $70,000
  • 1% simple interest, deferred loan, up to $70,000
*Grants, up to $15,000 may be provided to applicants that do not meet the minimum loan eligibility requirements and/or require emergency repair work
  • You must have a gross income which does not exceed the program limits below;
 Household Size  Income Not to Exceed
 1  $50,510
 2  $57,300
 3  $64,450
 4  $71,600
 5  $77,350
 6  $83,100
 7  $88,800
 8  $94,550
  • You are owner-occupant of a single-family home, duplex, or stationary mobile home;
  • You have owned and occupied the property for at least six months prior to applying (and will occupy the rehabilitated home, as your principal place of residence, until the loan has been repaid);
  • Your house must be in need of eligible rehabilitation work (as determined by staff interpretations of program guidelines);
  • Your assets must not exceed $50,000. The asset limit is $100,000 if you are over 62 or disabled. Assets include bank accounts, stocks, or real estate interests; and
  • The indebtedness on your home (after our loan is provided) does not exceed 90% of its appraised value.
  • Your home may not be in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), where the National Flood Insurance Program’s floodplain management regulations must be enforced. SFHA includes Zones A, AO, AH, A1-30, AE, A99, Ar/A1-30, AR/AE, AR, AO, AR/AH,AR/A, VO, V1-30, VE, and V. Please see for more information.