Records Available Online Through Weblink

The Public Works Department uses an electronic records system known as Laserfiche Weblink. Weblink is used by municipalities nationwide to retrieve and manage documents. This system allows for citizen access to various public records. Public Works records currently available via Weblink include:
  • Assessor Parcel Books which are annotated with additional map references
  • Archived Assessor Parcel Books which include superseded pages
  • Recorded Maps (Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, Records of Survey and Corner Records)

If you know the Assessors Parcel Number (APN) for your records search

To begin browsing or searching documents, click on the following link: Weblink and save as a favorite for future use. The Weblink User Guide provides information on how to search and print documents.

If you are searching specific property information and you have an address, but not an APN you'll need to look up the APN before accessing Weblink

To obtain the APN, click on the County Maps website.
Instructions to obtain Assessors Parcel Number

Additional Records Information

Records Disclaimer
APN Disclaimer

Please contact Records staff at (925) 313-2000 with questions.