Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinators

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employees may request reasonable accommodations by contacting their supervisor, department ADA Coordinator, or employees may contact Susan Skamser, the Risk Management ADA Coordinator at (925) 335-1436 or 335-1406.




Agriculture Vincent Guise 646-5250 email
Animal Services Sara Holman 335-8370 email
Assessor Debra McClanahan 313-7508 email
Auditor-Controller  Elizabeth Verigin  646-2185  email 
Conservation & Development  Victoria Mejia 674-7726  email 
  Laura Glass  674-7728  email 
CAO  Antoine Wilson  335-1045  email
CCTV Betsy Burkhart 313-1183   email
Child Support  Adrienne Todd  313-4454  email 
County Counsel  Sharon Anderson  335-1800  email 
District Attorney  Cherie Mathisen  957-2234  email 
DOIT  Joanne Buenger  313-1201  email 
EHSD Kelli Zenn  313-1526  email
  Reni Radeva  313-1718 email 
FIRE  Denise Cannon 941-3311  email 
Health Services  Debbie Cowden  957-5255  email 
Human Resources  Gladys Scott Reid 335-1722  email
  Deborah Preston  335-1754  email 
Library  Beth Kilian  927-3212  email 
Probation Russ Miller  (510) 231-6595  email 
  Ted Martell  957-2731 email 
Public Defender  Robin Lipetzky  335-8035  email 
Public Works Lisa Zaragoza 313-2223  email
Retirement  Christine Dunn  521-3960  email 
Sheriff  Mary Jane Robb 335-1557 email 
  Barbara Vargen 335-1527  email 
Treasurer-Tax Collector  Russell Watts  957-2888  email