Board of Supervisors Message

The Contra Costa County (the County) Board of Supervisors (the Board) is committed to ensuring a diverse workplace which treats employees and the public with dignity and respect while in compliance with applicable state and federal laws. The Board fully recognizes and supports the County's discrimination, harassment and retaliation policies that cover all aspects of the employment process including but not limited to testing, hiring, and promotions. The Board firmly establishes that unlawful discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation will not be tolerated and ensures that once the County is made aware of the the incident(s), a prompt investigation will ensue, if necessary.

The Board of Supervisors has policy responsibility for the County's Affirmative Action Plan and is dedicated to ensure equal employment opportunities for minorities and women. The Board directs all departments and hiring managers to actively target recruitment towards members of protected groups where a deficiency in the County's workforce has been identified. The goals of Affirmative Action are to identify and remove impediments to equal employment opportunity; establish goals and timetables for affirmative action; and provide for the internal and external dissemination of the Affirmative Action Policy.