The Transportation Engineering Division, which includes the Traffic Engineering section, is responsible for the county’s road network. 

The Transportation Engineering Division does the following:
  • Develops and implements capital improvements, maintenance projects, and bicycle and pedestrian projects, and neighborhood traffic management plans
  • Does advanced planning for our transportation system
  • Develops long term strategic plans to implement the circulation element of the County General Plan
  • Develops and updates the seven year Capital Road Improvement and Preservation Program (CRIPP)
  • Aggressively seeks funding opportunities to support our activities (e.g. traffic mitigation fee program, grant program)
  • Works with Engineering Services and Community Development to review and comment on development projects’ impacts to the county’s road network
  • Works with the Board of Supervisors, community and other jurisdictions to resolve transportation/traffic concerns
  • Coordinates with state, regional, and other local governments on the major roadway projects important to the region (e.g. State Route 4 Bypass)

The Traffic Engineering Section also does the following:
  • Monitors traffic on county roads (e.g. traffic volume counts, speed surveys)
  • Designs traffic signals and reviews signing and striping plans for county initiated and development projects
  • Coordinates with California Highway Patrol to provide enforcement and review accident history