Street Lights

Contra Costa County Public Works Department (The County) is responsible for maintaining street lights within County Service Area (CSA) L-100.  We work along with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and City offices to determine which agency is responsible for installing or repairing streetlights within and outside the County's Lighting District. 

Residents whose address is currently within a CSA L-100 boundary pays assessment fess, which appears on their property tax bill.  These assessment fees help with operation and maintenance costs for the streetlights.

If it is determined that an address is not being assessed for the CSA L-100 District, the resident requesting additional street lights would be asked to annex into the CSA L-100 District.  After completing the annexation process, street lights can be installed.

Streetlights are an important addition to all communities.  They provide illumination which may result in a safer environment for residents.

If you have any questions regarding streetlight repairs, installation or the annexation process, contact the Special Districts section of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department (925) 313-2286 or via email.