Low Income Housing

Applying for Low Income Housing
An entire building or a portion may be reserved for low-income residents.  To determine whether you meet the low income requirements, call the facility manager.

  1. Apply BEFORE you have to move from where you are currently living.
  2. Don't be discouraged by long waiting lists.  Sometimes the lists move much faster than anyone anticipates.  People ahead of you on the list may have made other arrangements.
  3. Check back every month to let the administrator know you are still interested.
  4. Notify the administrator if your address or phone number changes.

Low Income Housing Definitions
Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
HUD is a federally funded program that offers reduced-rate housing (30%) to elderly or disabled people who meet the eligibility and income requirements.

Housing Authority (HA)
The Housing Authority owns and operates several low rent senior apartments.  To qualify you must be 62 or older, or disabled, and meet income eligibility requirements.  Each Housing Authority has an area they serve and there is usually a waiting list.

Section 8 - Voucher Program
An individual or family with very low income may apply through the Housing Authority for a Section 8 voucher, which enables the holder to rent a unit on the private market.  Expect a long waiting list, as there are a limited number of vouchers.