Project Archive

 Project Name County File  Document Name
2015 - 2020 Consolidated Plan for the use of CDBG, HOME, and ESG Funds    Project Page 
Air Product Local Area Pipeline Network Project (2009)   Draft EIR
Bay View Residential Project (2009) SD04-8809 Draft EIR
Buena Vista Wind Energy Project (2005) LP02-2005 Final EIR
Bulk Material Processing Center & Related Activities at the West Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill LP92-2054 LP02-2026 Draft and Final EIR
Cannabis Regulation and Licensing   Link to Project webpage 
Clayton Regency Mobile Home Park   Link to Project Webpage
Contra Costa Pipeline Project/Praxair    Draft EIR
Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery   Final EIR
Draft EIR  Appendices
El Sobrante P-1 Rezoning   Link to Project Webpage
Housing Element 2014    Link to Project Webpage
Keller Canyon Landfill LP08-2026
Link to Project Webpage
Local Area Pipeline Network Project (2011)   Final EIR
Meteorological Tower Ordinance   ZT12-0003 Link to Project Webpage
Newport Pointe   Recirculated Mitigated Negative Declaration
Recirculated Public Notice
Proposed Architectural Rendering
Biological Assessment 
Pantages Bay GP99-0008
Final EIR
Draft EIR
Notice of Extended Review
Project webpage
Pittsburg-Bay Point BART Station Area Specific Plan    Final EIR (PDF - large file)
Recirculated DRAFT EIR (PDF - large file)
Saranap Village Mixed Use Project (2014)

Final EIR
Recirculated Draft EIR
Recirculated Draft EIR Appendices
Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
DEIR Appendices A-f (Notice of Preparation, Air Quality Technical Reports, Special-status Species and Biology Technical Reports, Greenhouse Gas Technical Reports, Hydrology Technical Reports, Noise Technical Reports)
DEIR Appendix G (Transportation and Traffic Technical Reports)
Cultural Resources Reports
Geological Reports
Hazardous Material Reports
Utilities Reports

Shell Crude Tank Replacement 
(large documents - may take a long time to load)
  Draft EIR
Final EIR
Sufism Reoriented  LP08-2034
Draft EIR
Final EIR - Volume I
Final EIR - Volume II
Table of Revision to Draft EIR in the Final EIR
Letter of Community Support
Support Letters
Opposed Letters
Staff Report
Tres Vaqueros Wind Farm Project (2011) LP09-2005 Draft EIR  Appendices
Final EIR
 Urban Limit Line Review   Link to Project Webpage 
Vasco Winds Repowering (2011)   Draft EIR
Final EIR  Appendices
Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance  Ordinance No 2016-11  Application Requirements for Wireless Facility Applications
Wireless Facility in County Right of Way Application
Background information (CEQA, etc)