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Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam Gathering Hall
The applicant seeks approval of a land use permit to allow the construction of a new 5,921 square foot place of worship and gathering hall building at 520 Pacifica Avenue, Bay Point. County File #LP14-2004. 
Bay Point area May 28, 2015 Notice of Public Review and Intent to Adopt a Proposed Negative Declaration
Crown Castle Mono-Eucalyptus
The applicant is requesting approval of a land use permit for the purposes of constructing and operating a new wireless telecommunications facility at 8651 Camino Tassajara, Pleasanton, Assessor's Parcel Number 223-060-001, County File #LP14-2069
Pleasanton area  June 1, 2015  Notice of Public Review and Intent to Adopt a Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration

Tract 6 SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) Pipeway G14-003204 Project
The Applicant has requested approval of a Planning Consideration determination that the proposed Tract 6 SPCC Pipeway G14-003204 project is consistent with and partially implements Condition of Approval #14 of approved Land Use Permit LP93-2033 for the Tosco Clean Fuels Project. The project is located on the eastern edge of Tract 6 of the Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery and the western edge of Tract 7 of the refinery. Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 159-120-006, 007, and portions of Assessor's Parcel 159-120-016, 031, 036, 037, and 159-130-006, 017, 027. County File Number Planning Consideration PC14-0005.

Martinez Area June 4, 2015 Notice of Public Review and Intent to Adopt A Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration
Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks Levee Remediation Project. The purpose of the proposed Action/Project is to raise and remediate the levees along the Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks in the North Richmond area. The Action/Project is located in West Contra Costa County near the City of Richmond.
West Contra Costa County area
June 8, 2015
Notice of Public Review
Alhambra Valley Road Safety Improvements 
Alhambra Valley Road is a rual road with winding turns and poor sight distance. The purpose of the project is to minimize the potential for injuries form vehicles running off the road which will also allow for bicyclists to ride outside the main travel way. The project consists of widening two segments: at Rancho La Boca Road and just west of Ferndale Road. County File Number #CP15-2.
Martinez area June 11, 2015 Notice of Public Review and Intent to Adopt A Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration
West County Detention Facility (WCDF) Re-Entry and Treatment Expansion Project- The proposed projects entails the development of 2.3 acres within the existing WCDF for a high-security detention facility with supporting re-entry program facilities, and a mental health treatment facility. The new facility would provide high security housing, and education and vocational facilities and programs to help prepare inmates for reentry into society. The project is located at 5555 Giant Highway, County File #CP15-14. 5555 Giant Highway in Richmond - North of San Pablo and West of Pinole July 1, 2015 Notice of Completion and
Availability; Notice of Public Hearing; and Draft Environmental Impact Report

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