Residential Inspection Program

The Contra Costa County Residential Rental Inspection Program (RRIP) was created by the Board of Supervisors for inspection of the County’s rental housing stock to improve the health and safety of rental housing and eliminate blight caused by inadequate maintenance and upkeep. The RRIP Ordinance was created in 2005 and was restructured in 2010 to permit Building Inspection staff to make an annual visual inspection of all non owner occupied properties. An annual fee is required as enrollment in this mandatory program for the visual inspection as well as any interior inspections that may be required. Property data is obtained from the County Assessor’s Office (e.g. single family, multi-family or apartments) to determine properties not filing for the State of California Owner Occupied Tax Exemption and Rental status.

Annual Program Fees
Program Participation Fee for the first rental unit on property is $36.00 and $6.00 for each additional rental unit on the property.

Interior Inspection Fee for first rental unit on property is $250.00 and $100.00 for each additional rental unit on the property. An Interior Inspection is only required if unacceptable blight or building safety deficiencies are identified during the Exterior Inspection. 

Rental Inspection Program Ordinance
For Landlords: Secondhand Smoke Ordinance

  1. Payment Information
  2. Exterior Inspection
  3. Interior Inspections
How can I pay my fees?
Pay by Fax
  • On the back of the letter you received is a Payment Stub.
  • Fill out the the Payment Stub with both the Fee Information and your Credit Card information (Name on the Credit Card, Card Number, Expiration Date).
  • Sign the Payment Stub.
  • Fax the completed Payment Stub to: (925) 674-7250
Pay by U.S. Mail
  • Fill out the Fee Information on the Payment Stub attached to the letter you received
  • Make your check or Money Order payable to “CCC DCD” and include the Case Number on the check or Money Order.
  • Mail your check or Money Order and the Payment Stub to:
    Department of Conservation and Development
    Residential Rental Inspection Program
    30 Muir Road
    Martinez, CA 94553
  • Returned checks due to insufficient funds are subject to a $25 fee in addition to the Residential Rental Inspection Program fees using cash, cashier's check, or money order. 
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