Child Care for CalWORKs Clients

The California Department of Social Services provides funds for child care supportive services for those parents who are in an approved Welfare-to-Work activity and are currently receiving CalWORKs cash assistance.

I'm a CalWORKs recipient, how do I qualify?
You may qualify for child care supportive services under the CalWORKs program if:

  • You, the parent, are receiving cash assistance under the CalWORKs system and your child is under age 13* OR
  • You, the parent, were receiving cash assistance under the CalWORKs system within the last 24 months and your child is under age 13* AND
  • You need child care because you are in an approved CalWORKs activity such as:
    • Work
    • Community Work Service
    • Vocational Training
    • Self-Initiated Training Program
    • Work Study
    • Job Search/Job Club
    • Adult Basic Education/GED/High School Proficiency
*The age limit may be higher for a disabled child

Where can I apply?
If you are in the Welfare-to-Work Program, your Employment Specialist can refer you to the Child Care Unit or you may call the unit directly and request an application. If you are not yet in the Welfare-to-Work Program, you can call the Child Care Unit District Office nearest you and ask for an Application Packet. The Child Care Unit phone numbers are:

West County
Child Care Unit
(510) 412-3080
Central & East County
Child Care Unit
(925) 706-4730
Community Services Bureau
Enrollment Hotlines
Central/East County - (925) 427-8852
West County - (510) 374-7144

How much is paid towards Child Care?
The State of California sets the maximum rate to be paid for child care. The child care amount is based on the age of the child, the type of care used, licensed or licensed-exempt, and the amount of time child care is needed. Each family's situation is evaluated individually and the rate set.

Child care providers must charge CalWORKs participants the same rate they charge a member of the general public. A family might need to pay a share of the cost if the gross family income is over a certain amount, depending on family size.

For more information about the CalWORKs Stage One Child Care program you may contact: (877) 505-4630