CFS Online Court Reporting (OCR)

Attorney/Court Instructions Guide

How to Enroll in Online Court Reports (OCR):
    1. Email the CFS Court Analyst at requesting to be added to OCR
    2. Sign the Confidentiality Statement (preferably in blue ink) and mail it to:
      Contra Costa County Employment & Human Services Department – CFS
      500 Ellinwood Way, third floor
      Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
      Attn: CFS Court Analyst

      *Note: to expedite the process, you can e-mail a scanned copy of the signed Confidentiality Statement to the Court Analyst and follow up with the original in the mail. 
    3. Upon receipt of the Confidentiality Statement,the CFS System’s Analyst will enter your email address into the system. You will receive a welcome email and/or login invitation within approximately one week.
    4. Follow the directions in the email invitation to log into the system, also provided below:
      • You will receive only a User Name (no password)
      • To create your temporary password, go to the OCR web site at and enter your user name into the “Password Recovery” box at the bottom of the welcome page and click the “Submit” button.
      • The system will generate and send a password to your email address of record.
      • Use your temporary password to log in for the first time.
      • Click on the “Change Password” tab and enter a password of your choice that will be easy for you to remember. Use this password in the future to log in.
Updating/Changing your Email Address
Please send an email to if your email address changes. Having a current email address is critical to ensure online delivery is not interrupted.

How to reset or change your Password
If you misplace or forget your password, go to and click on the “Password Recovery” button on the lower left corner of the page. The system will send a temporary password to your email address. Use that password to log on. Then click on the “Change Password” tab to change the temporary password.

How to Use the System
1. Once you are enrolled in OCR, you can view the court documents in your clients’ case folders by going to the OCR web site Enter your user name and password to log in. It may take 1-2 days for the system to add you to the case folders. You can add the OCR to your web Favorites for easy access or you can create a shortcut to the site on your desktop: right click on the page and click on “Create Shortcut.”
2. Whenever new documents are uploaded to any of your clients’ case folders, you will get an email notification for each client, with links to the new documents. You can click on the document you want to view and it will rout you to the system to log in.

Note: For User Groups (County Counsel and LAS) notifications are sent only to a designated staff person. Individual users in these groups, however, can view the case folders in the group account via their login and password. The process to enroll is the same as all other users (refer to A 1-5 above) 3.

3. Notifications are sent at 4:00 pm. However, you can view the documents as soon as they are uploaded by logging in directly to the OCR web site.

4. Once you are logged in, you can browse through the case folder libraries or use the search function to find a specific case folder or document.

How to Disenroll from OCR
If no longer practicing in Contra Costa County or if you wish to discontinue receiving online court reports, email us at to disenroll.