Stone Valley Road Bike Lane Gap Closure


Project No.:
Project Description:  The work to be done generally consists of sliver widening of roadway pavement along south side of Stone Valley Road. The project also includes concrete curb and gutter, relocating drainage inlets; reconstruct median islands, pipe pole retaining walls, pavement grinding, micro surfacing, utility relocation, signing, thermoplastic striping and pavement markings.
General Location: Stone Valley Road from 350’ west of Miranda Avenue to 670’ east of Monte Sereno Drive.                     
Supervisory District: #3         
Thomas Brothers Map Reference:  632/H5 to 633/C6  (Unincorporated Alamo)
Contractor: Breneman, Inc.                 
Resident Engineer: Angel Torres             
Phone: (415) 652-9057
Start of Construction: July 28, 2014
Working Days:  25                  
Est Completion Date:  October 6, 2014