Browser Compatibility

Experiencing problems with our website? Please review the following information.
Page structure and function problems can be caused by: 

  • Unsupported Browser.
  • Accessibility settings in the browser.  Zooming, Big Fonts, etc…
  • Browser compatibility settings.  Like running IE9 in IE8 mode, etc…

Browser Compatibility (as of 11/7/2014): 

  • Our website has been tested, and works on IE8 – IE11, Latest Chrome, Latest Firefox.
  • Our website does not work on IE7 and older(Due to Ajax and JSON restrictions).
  • Our website has not been specifically tested on Safari, but changes have been made for the compatibility of its newest version.
  • Mobile compatibility is chaotic, but will be supported more in the near future.

We suggest the following steps to remedy problems with browser compatibility: 

  • Reset your browser to the default accessibility/compatibility settings. Instructions can be found on the distributor’s website.
  • Upgrade to the newest browser version for your operating system. (Please note that older browsers can pose a security risk, even if they are the newest version for your operating system).
  • Try a different browser. 

Our office will look into browser compatibility issues, but will need a minimum amount of information: 

  • Operating System including major version(Windows 8, OSX Snow Leopard, etc…)
  • Browser including version (Chrome V38.0.2125.111 m, IE V10.0.9200.16736, etc…)  Found on “About <browser name>” window.
  • *Optional*  A Screen Shot of the problem – because a picture is worth a thousand words.