Flood Control District

Basic facts about the Flood Control District (FC District) 
  • Created in 1951 by the Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Act (Act).
  • Is a dependent special district (the FC District governing board is the County Board of Supervisors).
  • The FC District jurisdiction extends throughout Contra Costa County, including incorporated areas.
  • The FC District can create drainage areas, flood control zones and other special assessment areas, own property, levy taxes, sue and be sued, along with a list of other powers.
  • Most of the major storm drainage facilities in the county are owned by the FC District.
The FC District’s mission is to provide flood protection facilities while protecting environmental resources. 
  • The FC District carries out its responsibility by planning and constructing the major storm drainage facilities in Flood Control Zones (entire watershed areas) and in Drainage Areas (subwatershed areas).
  • The FC District collects, analyzes, and reports on rainfall and storm runoff data from a system of rain gages and several stream flow meters.
We work directly with cities and the county to carry out our mission and use the authority as appropriate to:
  • Implement FC District Drainage Area and Zone plans,
  • Construct flood control projects,
  • Maintain our facilities,
  • Manage our rights of way.
  • Review and issue Flood Control Encroachment Permits for work within FC District right of way.
  • Plans and fee ordinances, adopted by the Board of Supervisors under the Act, are not subject to the Subdivision Map Act.
District Funding
The FC District receives its funding from several sources: 
  • A portion of the countywide property tax supports FC District programs of general benefit, such as collecting rainfall data, reviewing the drainage elements of city and County general plans, and performing planning preliminary to formation of special funding districts for drainage.
  • The FC District receives a portion of property tax with the boundaries of some Flood Control Zones for design, construction, and maintenance of regional storm drainage facilities within the Zone.
  • Development projects within some Drainage Areas are charged impact fees that fund construction of planned drainage facilities required to mitigate the increased runoff from development.
  • The FC District has established special assessments in some Drainage Areas to fund ongoing maintenance.
  • Hydraulic and hydrological analysis and design are performed on a fee-for-service basis.
Other Functions
In addition, the FC District established special Stormwater Utility Areas (SUA) for the unincorporated county area and for seventeen of the nineteen cities in the county. 
  • Collects property assessments within the SUAs,
  • Manages and provides the revenue to the County and cities to fund the programs required by Municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by the San Francisco Bay and Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Boards.