Instructions for Requesting a Telephone Appearance

  • Carefully review the California Rules of Court- Rule 3.670 regarding telephone appearances.

  • Complete the Request for Telephone Appearance form Fl-679. See Information Sheet FL-679-/NFO for instructions on how the complete the Request for Telephone Appearance.

  • Return the completed FL-679 form to the court clerk's office no later than 12 court days before the hearing at the following address:

  • Contra Costa County Superior Court Clerk's Office

        Family Law Division, Peter L. Spinetta Family Law Center

        751 Pine Street

        Martinez, CA 94533

  • The Court will return a filed copy of your Request for Telephone Appearance (form FL-679) along with notification either granting or denying the request for telephone appearance.

  • If you have further questions about this process, please contact the Department of Child Support Services at 1-866-901-3212. Thank you.