Pacheco Boulevard Improvements - Blum Road to Morello Avenue

Project Information
Project No.:  0662-6R4113
Supervisory District: 5

Project Location:
  Along Pacheco Boulevard from Blum Road to Morello Avenue, within unincorporated Contra Costa County and the City of Martinez.

Project Description:
Contra Costa County and the City of Martinez are conducting a joint study to evaluate alternatives to improve Pacheco Boulevard between Blum Road and Morello Avenue. The study is aimed at improving the roadway to meet future capacity needs, as well as, providing accommodations for all users. The project will consider widening of the roadway, intersection configuration, continuous sidewalks, the addition of bike lanes, and coordination with transit companies.

Pacheco_Blvd Map
Segment 1 – Blum Road to Arnold Drive
Segment 2 – Arnold Drive to Arthur Road, including realignment at  
                   the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks
Segment 3 – Arthur Road to Camino del Sol
Segment 4 – Camino del Sol to Morello Avenue

Purpose and Need:
Pacheco Blvd is a north-south arterial running parallel to the I-680 freeway from Concord Avenue/Chilpancingo Parkway to the south to Court Street and Marina Vista Avenue to the north. Widening of this segment of Pacheco Boulevard will improve the road capacity to serve local trips between downtown Martinez and the commercial areas along Contra Costa Boulevard. The existing roadway has limited segments of sidewalks and bike lanes. The project will look at “complete street” implementation by providing continuous sidewalks and bike lanes throughout the corridor. 

2014-2017 - Initial Study completed with the City of Martinez

2016-04-27 Community Meeting
     Meeting Flyer
     Press Release
     Meeting Presentation

2019 - Project in discussions with BNSF about railroad crossing

Project Funding:

Partial funding for the project is provided by Measure C/J transportation sales tax. Link to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) project website:
Project Documents:
Project Fact Sheet

Alignment Study and Alternatives Analysis

Appendix ATraffic Operations Analysis ReportConceptual Layouts
Appendix B - Survey Report
Appendix C - Preliminary Right of Way Investigation
     Attachment - Right of Way and Utility Exhibit
Appendix D - Biological Resources Memorandum
Appendix E - Floodplain, Hydrology & Hydraulics and Clean Water Memorandum
     Attachment B - FEMA FIRMette Panels   
     Attachment C - Risk Level Calculations
     Attachment D - Web Soil Survey

Appendix F - Utilities Memorandum
Appendix G - Initial Site Assessment
Appendix H - Preliminary Environmental Memorandum
Appendix I - Preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost
Appendix J - Outreach Memorandum
     Attachment A - Project Fact Sheet
     Attachment B - Community Meeting Mailer
     Attachment C - Community Meeting Banners
     Attachment D - Comment Card
     Attachment E - Notice to Las Juntas Elementary School
     Attachment F - Community Meeting Presentation

Contact Us
Contra Costa County
Nancy Wein
Senior Civil Engineer
Transportation Engineering
Ph: (925) 313-2275

City of Martinez
Tim Tucker

City Engineer
Ph:(925) 372-3515