Supervisor Gioia works on numerous projects in his district, the county and the region, listed as links on the left. Click the link for information about individual projects.

  1. Environment & Climate

  2. Schools, Education & Learning

  3. Health & Healthcare

  4. Animal Services

  5. Cell Towers & Telecommunications

  6. Disaster Preparedness

    Supervisor Gioia supports and coordinates a variety of disaster preparedness projects, including sponsoring a free, annual West County fair, with resources and educational materials to help residents prepare for earthquakes and other disasters. Staff contact: Terrance Cheung

  7. Foreclosure Assistance

  8. Kensington Planning Ordinance

  9. Kens Arlington Streetlights

    Kens Arlington Streetlights

  10. Montalvin Manor Projects

  11. Reentry Initiative for Formerly Incarcerated

    Reeentry Initiative for the Formerly Incarcerated

  12. Second Unit Ordinance

    June 2010 draft of revised Contra Costa County second unit ordinance.

  13. Sparkpoint Centers

    Sparkpoint Centers; one-stop centers to assist low income families

  14. West County Homeless Task Force

  15. West County Senior Coalition