Temporary Access/Repair Project Status

Temporary Access Road
The County awarded a contract to Graniterock Company on May 11, 2017 to install a gravel road extending from near the end of the private Leon Drive to the Marsh Creek Detention Facility driveway.   The gravel road will serve as a temporary access to residents located south of the slide on Morgan Territory Road during construction of the slide repair project. Graniterock will be onsite starting construction of the temporary access road the week of June 5. The work is anticipated to take 1-2 weeks. A map of the route is shown below. During construction of the temporary access, Graniterock will use the detention facility property for access. No construction vehicles will be using Leon Drive. The alternate access will be approximately 16 feet wide for two way traffic. The speed limit will be 15 miles per hour. The alternate access will not be open for Morgan Territory residents to use until construction of the slide repair project starts.

For questions or concerns during construction of the alternate access road, please contact Eric Sanders, County Public Works Construction Inspector at (925) 595-5992.

Slide Repair Project

The County awarded a contract to Flatiron West, Inc. on June 1 to repair Morgan Territory Road approximately 1 mile south of Marsh Creek Road due to damages resulting from a landslide. Before Flatiron begins work, PG&E and AT&T must relocate their utility lines out of the slide area. The utility relocation work is anticipated to start in late June. When we have a start date for the project construction to begin we will send out the information.

Map of Temporary Access Route

Temporary Access Map