About the position

The District Attorney for Contra Costa County:

The District Attorney, in addition to being the Public  Prosecutor, also conducts Victim/Witness Assistance, Rape Crisis  Services, Battered Women Alternatives, and Adult Pretrial Diversion  Programs, and anti-truancy, cease fire and safe streets initiatives.   

The District Attorney manages a department consisting of approximately  205 employees of whom 103 are attorneys. The Department's operating  budget for Fiscal Year 2017/18 is $19.5 million.

In addition to offices  in Martinez, the County seat, branches are located in the cities of  Concord and Richmond.  The District Attorney attends the courts and  conducts prosecutions for public offenses. Included in public offenses  is the prosecution of all felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile criminal  offenses and certain civil offenses including consumer fraud and  violations of the Political Reform Act and the investigation of such  offenses in order that they may be presented to the court in the  interest of public protection.  

The District Attorney's Department  utilizes and continues to implement a modern browser-based case management system to streamline daily tasks with automated workflows and  collaboration features, and providing ad hoc management reporting  tools.

The District Attorney's Department also cooperates with State and other local agencies in the detection, suppression, and prevention of crime, and in the enforcement of  regulatory laws as well as handling fugitive warrants, extraditions and  writs.  

The District Attorney is part of the County Executive Management  Team which, under the leadership of the County Administrator, meets to  address general County issues. The County government has an operating  budget of $3.5 billion and 9,500 employees. There are 25 operating  departments including the County Counsel and Public Defender legal  departments.


As  of July 1, 2017, the salary is $21,515 monthly ($258,180 annually).  In  addition to a competitive salary, health and dental benefits, and a  defined pension benefit, the appointed District Attorney is eligible for  benefits which include: $600 monthly auto allowance with use of  personal vehicle; $12,000 annual County contribution to deferred  compensation plan; based on County hire date and upon qualifying  contributions, eligibility for $85 plus an additional $150 per month  County contribution to a deferred compensation plan; $60,000 executive  group term life insurance; $700 annual executive professional  development reimbursement; long-term disability insurance; reimbursement  of State Bar membership dues; and  participation in Social Security.
Minimum Qualifications:  Applicants must be citizens of California and at least 18 years of age.