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Peace, Love, and Veggies IV: The Farewell Tour

Welcome to the 2017 Counties Care Holiday Food Fight, where Contra Costa County employees show just how deeply you care about serving the people of this county who are not as fortunate.

We have provided a variety of tools to help you navigate this over-the-top (we hope!), fun, and incredibly successful annual FUNdraising campaign. For instance, you can read the inspiring kickoff letter by Public Defender Robin Lipetzky. Or you can watch the Board of Supervisors meeting where we launched this year’s effort. You can find flyers that help make the case for giving money to the Food Bank, which uses the funds it raises very wisely. You can find flyers that promote special raffles, bake sales, and other events.

You can direct people to donate right now through the link provided here. You can contact Kate Sibley with any questions about anything you find here.

So let’s go! Let’s make this 14th competition with Solano County employees the best ever. This is the last year that Kathy Gleason, our liaison with the Food Bank, and Kate Sibley will be heading up this drive. Let’s go out with a bang!

Thank you, Food Fighters Extraordinaire, for all you do to make this such a smashing success. The Food Bank folks are grateful for your energy and your generosity (year after year).

Submittal Instructions and Samples

2017 Food Drive Submittal Form (Use this when Submitting)          

Additional Resources:

EHSD Bake Sale

Assessors Warriors Raffle

COB Jewelry Sale December 13-14

Penny Wars

DCD Pearl Necklace Raffle

EHSD 40D Raffle


2017 Donation Receipt

2017 Donation letter for solicitation

Loose Change Syndrome

HRD Holiday Bake Sale

AC TTC Bake Sale Flyer

DCD HFF Pampered Chef Fundraiser

2017 Sheriff Raffle Flyer